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FutureProof Retail Expands Into Office Micro-Markets Space

October 3, 2018

NEW YORK, October 3, 2018 ( - FutureProof Retail (FPR) has announced a successful implementation of the company’s mobile self-scanning checkout solution in four Vancouver-area workplace “micro-markets.”

Micro-markets are a fast-growing retail format that provides convenient self-serve access to food and beverages to office workers, typically found in break rooms and on corporate campuses. However, many solutions often come with expensive transaction kiosks with high proprietary software fees and transaction costs. These additional costs are then passed on to the consumer decreasing desirability of the program. FutureProof has partnered with Vancouver based, Natural Source Healthy Office Snacks to provide a convenient mobile app to revolutionize Micro-Markets in Canada.

Natural Source supports corporate clients in offering premium free-to-staff snack programs and personalized kitchen management services. The micro market app is the next evolution in their services.

“The ability to easily and affordability provide healthy food and beverages to employees is one of the of the key benefits of this app,” said Cody Irwin, CEO & Founder, Natural Source Healthy Office Snacks. “Many offices can’t afford to offer a full complimentary snack program for their entire office; however, a solution like FPR’s allows workers to scan and pay for subsidized premium products using the app on their smartphones, which represents the optimal solution for our clients.”

“We are really eager to be working with Natural Source Healthy Office Snacks,” said Di Di Chan, President of FutureProof Retail. “It’s exciting to expand our convenient mobile checkout technologies into office micro-markets which are quite unique in comparison to the grocery retailers which are currently using our product in the USA!”

Healthy Snacks Key to Office Wellness

January 14, 2016 | Metro News Vancouver

Across cultures, sharing food is a token of goodwill and appreciation, and office culture is no exception.
An increasing number of Vancouver employers are providing food for their employees, and making it a priority.
Accessible nutritious snacks help workers stay happy, healthy and productive, according to Cody Irwin, founder and CEO of Natural Source — Healthy Office Snacks.


“Corporate culture and staff wellness are a hot topic these days,” says Irwin.  “It’s amazing how much impact a well stocked kitchen can have. Employees feel valued and appreciated, and in return the company benefits from happier, more energized staff. The tech industry has embraced this and it’s now become standard in order to compete for top talent.”
Approximately 90 per cent of Vancouver office workers surveyed said that a daily in-office perk focused on their well
being would boost morale, agreeing it would “make them feel more valued and motivated,” Irwin says.
Imagine being able to walk into your  office kitchen when hunger hits and grabbing a healthy snack from a wide range of frequently changing options — provided for free by your employer.

Natural Source is making this scenario  possible by supporting their clients, like tech studios Mozilla, Plenty of Fish, and Kabam, to create and manage easy, impressive, and cost effective programs. Large or small, they have a solution for any size of office or budget; they can even consolidate your vendors as they also supply groceries and happy-hour beverages.

The company’s catalogue boasts more than 500 high quality natural products that are healthy, affordable and taste great. Popular favourites include organic fruit, veggie chips, trail mixes, energy bars, and smoothies, but they also pride themselves on carrying an assortment of snacks you’ve never heard of before — Sriracha banana chips anyone?

Many of their snacks are produced  locally, and meet dietary certifications such as gluten free, dairy free, and vegan; they also meet the company’s all-natural guidelines, with no artificial colours, artificial flavours, preservatives, trans fats or high fructose corn syrup — just healthy goodness to fuel your hardworking team.


“An increased quality of life in the office is no longer a novelty, it’s essential to success,” Irwin says.

“Natural Source” Supports Corporate Wellness in Vancouver through Healthy Snack Delivery Program

January 25, 2015 | By VANESSA CHOOT | Modern Mix Vancouver

In Vancouver, Natural Source services well-known and boutique agencies such as PlentyofFish, Mozilla, Kabam & GREE.  So if you know anyone working at those offices, they can tell you all about this healthy perk!  As a result of corporate wellness programs like these, benefits for the companies include healthier happier workers, greater ability to attract new and more qualified employees, longer employee retention and increased productivity.

Foodies Fuelling Social Innovation

March 26, 2014 | by JOHN F. GRAY | Huffington Post

It's an invasion. Don't panic. This one is all goodness. It's the foodies taking over theCoast Capital Savings Innovation Hub based in Vancouver. Five social enterprises have been accepted to the program, and now have an opportunity to grow their resources, reach and success.


Natural Source - Healthy Office Snacks, designs, builds and manages food stations that are free to staff. It's working with clients like Vancouver's Mozilla and Plenty of Fish...Irwin's focus is "bringing businesses as many locally sourced products as possible. While there's not tons of single serve items available, we've done our due diligence to find the ones that are out there and taste good."

Vancouver Entrepreneurs: Natural Source

May 3, 2013 | by PAUL DAVIDESCU | VancityBuzz

If you have ever taken a trip to the Silicon Valley and stomped around the Facebook or Google campuses you probably tapped into their free food service as you rode the funky Google bicycles. Free food is awesome and the perception seems to be that only the tech giants get to provide such a service to their highly valued employees – that’s false.


More companies are starting to realize the longterm benefits of such an investment and Vancouver entrepreneur, Cody Irwin, has started to capitalize on the trend and cater it to the Vancouver crowd. With Natural Source Vending, you get locally sourced, all-natural food, snacks, and beverages delivered right to your office door.

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