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Specializing in local, all-natural healthy snacks and beverages with an emphasis on minimizing waste. 
Our customized, high quality, snacking programs are the quickest and easiest way to get your office snacking. We provide a convenient and nutritious fuel source to keep your employees happy, healthy, and at maximum productivity.


POF really lucked out finding a company as great as Natural Source. They're awesome at meeting even the most specific requests, and they consistently check in to see if there's anything else we need. From high quality products on our shelves, to high quality service at our hands, you can't ask for much more!

You guys are always so accommodating and extremely efficient. We really appreciate it and all that you do!

I really appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adapt. It shows how committed you are to enhancing the customer experience. Please know that I’m a huge promoter of you and the Natural Source brand. Your guidance over the past several weeks has been world class.




Meet the Team

Natural Source is Vancouver's #1 office snacking specialist!
We provide delicious snack and
beverage options, and design effortless office snacking solutions, 
for progressive businesses who value their employees.

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