Hand Sanitizer and more! - Natural Source Update

28 April, 2020


We're constantly innovating and actively looking for new ways to serve our customers, the community and frontline workers. 

Our WFH Snack Box program has been a major hit and the hospitals, charities and frontline workers have been overjoyed by the donations made possible by client snack and budget donations! We'll upload some pics to share the happiness soon!


Here are some other exciting things happening on our end;


#1 - Hand Sanitizer

What better way to help right now than keeping hand hygiene front and centre?

We partnered with a local distillery to get everyone some Unicorn Spirit!

For Self Serve clients click here.

For Snack Box clients, click here.

Fun Fact: When the time came to name the sanitizer, we realized there are no sanitizers out there where the name sparks some form of joy(even if it is a cheeky eye-roll!). So we decide to have fun with it! #unicornspirit


#2 -  Residential Customer Store

Grocery deliveries can take more than 2 weeks to get to people these days!

We don't sell groceries but we have tons of snacks, drinks and fun times waiting to happen. 

We're excited to announce a new service we're making available to the public so share it with your colleagues, family and friends!

Click HERE to get there.


Anyone can create an account and place an order that they can come pick up at our warehouse in the Mt. Pleasant area. 

We can't offer deliveries for this service at this point but we're sure people won't mind knowing that there won't be a cue at the door(and maybe it helps shake off some cabin-fever too)!


#3 - BYOB(Bring Your Own Bottle)

Another awesome thing about the hand sanitizer is that we offer a low waste option, BYOB(Bring Your Own Bottle)!

10ml? 100ml? 1000ml?! No problem.  

When you bring your bottle to get it refilled, there's a transaction fee of $4.99 and from there you pay as you go! 

This transaction cannot be done online or with cash but we made it super easy by setting up tap card payment. 

And best of all! $2 from each transaction or bottle sold will go towards helping frontline workers!

*Fun Fact: If while you're waiting for your refill, a strong urge to snack befalls you, you can also buy some yum-yums with your credit or debit card! 

That's all for now fam!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact any one of the client coordinator team; 

Jan - jan@nssnacks.ca 

Nick - nick@nssnacks.ca


Until next time, keep safe, keep snacking!








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