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It's an inescapable fact that technology has changed how we live and work. With the rise of the machines (hehe) we are spending more time at our desks, focusing on our laptops, smartphones or tablets and supporting the flourishing tech industry right here in Vancouver.

Interestingly, current research has shown that our capacity to process data is increasing, while at the same time, our ability to retain short term memories has gone poof (because your memory is saved in your smartphone), and our attention span has decreased to 8 seconds...which is less than a goldfish.

Yes that's right. Fish can pay attention longer than we can.

While it is a disconcerting thought that we can be out-focused by a freaking goldfish, it is very interesting that our capability to multitask has increased over the last three major generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Net).

Which brings me to...eating and gaming. Vancouver is breaking new ground in the arena of catering to tech savvy and gaming inclined individuals while they eat. From office delivery, which we know a thing or two about, there are a number of restaurants that now offer board games at the table so you can play while you eat.

A great example is the Stormcrow, an awesome hangout catering to tabletop gamers and sci-fi lovers. Then offering a similar but more electronic experience, the EXP restaurant and Bar had this outside on their sidewalk:

So while we may not be able to concentrate on a task as long as Nemo can, we are definitely evolved into the perfect eating and gaming machines!

Furthermore, research has shown that a) tyrosine, an amino acid naturally occurring in protein can improve both cognitive and motor performance after sleep deprivation and b) eating breakfast improves behaviour and academic performance.

Soooo if you are out and about unwinding at a gaming bar enjoying the fruits of your tech-savvyness past your bedtime, grab a healthy snack laden with protein in the morning to help you shake off your night of fun!

Almond butter and apples with a delicious bowl of granola and yogurt anyone?

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