4 Ways to Promote Wellness in the Workplace

Seems like a no brainer, doesn’t it? If someone told you that a happy, thriving, workforce was the key to any business’ success you’d probably nod your head in agreement.

But then what if I asked you exactly what it was your company did to create a vibrant corporate culture?

The answer goes beyond awesome Christmas parties and Friday “happy hours,” it’s about overall wellness, inside and out!

Let Them Give Back

  • A sense of purpose is essential to our inner wellbeing. Many companies focus their efforts to give back during the Christmas season, meaning this time of the year (the summer) is when charities are in greater need. Don’t know where to start? Use Go Volunteer to find individual and group opportunities in Canada.

  • Make your cash donations go further – many companies make regular donations to a particular charity, but why not ask that charity to facilitate some team building? Our friends at Potluck Cafe Society use your donation to feed the needy in the DTES, but they also make it possible for your employees to serve the food and see exactly where your donations go!

Get Outside!

  • David Suzuki’s 30x30 challenge this spring was met with a great response from many teams and individuals across Canada, and is set to have an even larger impact next year. Even though the official challenge isn’t currently running, there’s nothing stopping your company from starting now! Commit your office to try to spend 30 minutes outside, every day for 30 days. Host some outdoor meetings, take a walk when you brainstorm, sign up for a corporate rec league, or simply encourage taking meal breaks outdoors by investing in some outdoor tables for your office.

Eat Healthy

  • Call us a broken record, but when you work for a healthy office snack company, there’s no two ways about it, healthy food for your employees will pay you back in leaps and bounds. You don’t have to take my word for it, according to WHO, adequate nourishment could raise national productivity rates by 20%! It’s also no secret that there’s a direct correlation between health and nutrition; aside from more productive workers, you could see a reduction in sick days and accidents, and an increase in morale, notes this clever infographic

Focus on Fitness

  • When you get your blood pumping you’re not only sending it to your limbs but to your brain too! This increases alertness and energy, and you don’t need to do a full hour of cardio to get this effect. A swift walk could be all you need to revitalize yourself for the work day. Leaving your desk to get a bit of exercise also a great time to reflect. Many studies also show, the increase in serotonin that happens when you exercise is also a great protection against depression and mental illness, so get your employees active!

This post was written by Laura Norbury, who edits the Natural Source blog, she is also the Marketing & Communications Manager at Natural Source. She has an overall interest in health and fitness, and musical theatre, but mostly you will find her snacking.

Connect with Laura on LinkedIn.

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