Sensible Office Snacking – 5 Pairings to Curb Cravings

When that pang of hunger hits, you know you have a decision to make; the devil on your right is telling you to reach for comfort, the angel on your left is trying to dress up celery like a 5 time pageant winner…

Give in to one and you won’t feel satisfied, give into the other and you’ll be wallowing in your insulin plummet in 30 minutes.

But what if you didn’t have to make a compromise? The key is to balance those desirable carbs with some long distance fuel like protein. Here are 5 of our favourite pairings that let you curb those cravings and keep you energized until your next meal:


Carrots on their own can be a little lack luster, but add a little hummus on the side and you’ve got a cool crunchy savoury treat that’s high on taste and low on guilt.


This is a great snack in moderation (¼ to ½ cup max) as nuts have healthy fats your body needs. Just be careful because the dried fruit can contain added sugars (a no-no in our books). Feeling a little naughty? You can always opt for a mix that has dark chocolate in it, you’ll still feel like you had a treat but the protein in the nuts will balance out the sugar and you won’t end up eating nearly as much chocolate as if you’d eaten it solo.


Picking the right one is important, we love natural bars like: LARA and Elevate Me, because they use healthy ingredients and don’t load their products with sugar or sodium. They have options for when you feel like being good, like fruit & nut, and for when you’re feeling sinfull, like peanut butter chocolate chip. Either way, they'll fuel you for hours and curb cravings


There’s something about this snack that’s oh so comforting, perhaps a nod to our childhood. To make this snack the best it can be, opt for a whole grain toast and natural nut butter, the rest are loaded with sugar and sodium and will have you spike and drop way too soon. Expand your horizons and try almond butter as it can be lower in saturated fat.


Apples are great, they’re hydrating and loaded with antioxidants and fibre, but the naturally occurring sugar in the in them can leave you hungry. Pairing them with cheese adds protein – and a savoury indulgence.

Happy Snacking!

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