Keeping it "GREEN" in the office

A well-oiled machine requires fuel, but to maintain wellbeing it needs to be sustainable.

Increasing your corporate culture is closely tied with employee pride. Many are already making lifestyle changes at home to make this world a better place, why not encourage them make a difference to their surroundings at work too!

1) Encourage sustainable transportation - being green at work starts before you reach the office. Incentivize employees to ride, walk, or use public transport, and don't forget to take the stairs! For example Microsoft gives kick backs to employees who use an alternate method of travel ($50 incentive or a $50 carbon offset for making 50 alternate commute trips within a six-month period).

2) Offer optimal disposal – go beyond city recycling campaigns by creating additional bins for items which can be recycled if taken to a depot, like soft plastics & cardboard milk containers.

Start a composting bin, its not as messy or smelly as it sounds and can be picked up by a reputable service like Growing City

3) Shed some light on your energy consumption - upgrade all of your lighting systems to low energy consuming bulbs, and get employees in the habit of turning off all equipment at the end of the day - that means unplugging or utilizing powerbars with off switches, as equipment still draws energy when turned off.

4) Make healthy choices - order lunch from local catering companies who collect their trays afterward (avoiding disposable containers) we love Potluck Catering for their give-back-goodness. Have cleaning staff use biodegradeable cleaning products and soaps, and keep some office plants to purify the air!

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