Feeding the Tech World

There’s plenty of tech activity in the food world… but what about food in the tech world?

We stumbled across this enlightening interview, between Spark CBC Radio and Joel Spolsky – New York Tech Giant, founder of Fog Creek Software and CEO of Stack Exchange (busy guy!)You can listen to the full thought provoking interview here: (skip to interview from 26:30 – 33:15)

But for those unable to access audio, we’ve captured the poignant points for you.

Somehow we’ve evolved to a point where eating rituals have been lost (even at home some families don’t manage to eat at the same table) this intrinsic bonding time is valuable, and by providing a lunch or snack stations where employees can take their breaks without leaving the office brings the power back to the employer and encourages team cohesion, replacing those “water cooler conversations.” Fog creek software has provided lunch since the beginning, motivating employees to eat together at work.

“Eating together is a critical part of what it means to be human, and what it means to be in a humane workplace,” explains Joel. “Can you imagine a family who didn’t eat together?”

When it comes to the benefits of this employee perk, Joel explains that it “saves a lot of brain damage figuring out what to eat everyday…. we get you in and out pretty quickly and back at your desk.”

So aside from lost man hours, and the distraction of figuring out what to eat, Joel also goes on to explain that it comes down to being competitive in your industry, “you have to offer great benefits.”

The biggest point that resonated with us was the concept of “Identity management.”

Many white collar or tech industries harbour low supervision work environments, Joel explains that in these situations, you have to get employes to identify with the company, you have to “incentivise people based on their own internal and intrinsic motivation to do the right thing, and make decisions that will benefit the company.”

Greater employee investment in exchange for good old fashioned nourishment? We think it's a fair trade!

Image Credit WN.com

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