Corporate Culture, Your Brand, and your Bottom Line

Google, Facebook and Yahoo have changed the face of the tech industry, but they’ve also been the major catalyst to a new corporate game changer… culture.

If somehow the world was still ignorant to the amazing perks and outstanding corporate culture offered by these giants, which retains employees, and even makes them stronger workers, the veil was lifted when blockbuster, “The Internship” made it to theaters. Exposing [albeit not exact] inner workings of what makes working for a tech company so desirable.

Comparatively, here in Vancouver we’re a bit more modest in our corporate culture offerings, but our tech industry is strong, and local staples like Plenty of Fish and Mozilla have already started using similar tactics to retain talent, like offering free, healthy snack stations to employees.

You may be still asking why? Why invest so much money, what benefit does it have? Aside from avoiding the obvious high cost of turnover, let’s take a look.

Increased Marketability = Better Talent

Reputation is everything, and word spreads fast within your industry when conditions are substandard, employees are overworked and underappreciated, or just plain bored. You’ll lose out on prime talent in favour of companies with a better reputation.

Let’s throw in the opposite effect, build up an amazing corporate culture and let your employees do the talking. Their happiness will market your company better than any paid advertising.

Increased Employee Morale = Harder Workers

Giving a little can get you a lot. Your corporate brand is based on its culture, and whether it’s free access to a corporate gym membership, assistance with further education, child care deductions or matched maternity leave, free snack stations, or flexible hours (or all of the above), it’s these things that create loyalty to your company brand, and in turn a more productive and dedicated employee.

And don’t think you have to stick to the typical offerings. Fun fact: As part of maternity, Google reimburses employees for up to $500 in takeout food to ease the first four weeks at home. (cred)

Increased Efficiency = Financial Gain

Throwing out the obvious here, but to back that up: in a new survey 91% of respondents say “companies with a strong sense of purpose and culture also have strong financial performance.” (cred). From those strong culture companies employees said, “their company has a strong brand that differed and stood out from their competition.” This has a trickle down effect to the customers, with 94% saying they have strong customer satisfaction.

Now ask yourself, wouldn’t you want the reputation of your company brand to outshine the competition, and give you happier, healthier and more efficient employees? We thought so too. See how you can increase your corporate culture with our services, it could cost as little as $3 per employee per day!

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